The Oregon State Hospital Museum of Mental Health houses a large collection of materials related to the operation of several state-run hospitals and the people who lived and worked within their walls.  Browse highlights from the collections here.

12 December 13, 2013

Cupid Repaired, 1963

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Fifty years ago today, this news story appeared in the Oregon Statesman newspaper: After being knocked over twice by vandals, this statue-fountain of cupid was replaced on the Oregon State Hospital grounds Thursday by [...]

04 April 30, 2012

Lipiodol Lafay

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T2009.002.487 and T2009.002.467 are boxes of Lipiodol Lafay distributed by the E. Fougera & Co., Inc made in cooperation with the Andre Guerbet & Company.  "A stable iodine addition product of poppyseed oil" used for [...]

04 April 9, 2012

Bird’s Eye View

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T2009.002.427.109 Aerial Photograph, Oregon State Hospital, sometime between 1951 and 1973.  Photograph from the collections of the Oregon State Hospital.  Image is taken from the southwestern corner facing towards the northeast.  The large white building [...]

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