11 November 1, 2016

New Speaker Series at the Museum

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Beginning on Sunday, November 13, the Museum will start hosting a monthly Speaker Series to highlight topics ranging from the Hospital's history to emerging mental health research. These offerings will be a the Museum from [...]

07 July 30, 2012

Cataloging Update

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The Oregon State Hospital Museum received a matching grant from the Oregon Heritage Commission for materials to aid in cataloging and rehousing artifacts at the Oregon State Hospital.  We turned in our interim grant report [...]

06 June 20, 2011

Museum this Way

2018-03-02T20:57:39-08:0006, 20, 11|Museum|3 Comments

Museum preparations are in full swing, with our tentative opening set for May of next year (2012).  The hospital has gotten a head start on us, installing these great directional signs to lead people from [...]

03 March 25, 2011

Coming up Roses

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[youtube=] With the removal of Siskyou Hall (Building 29), the hospital will be re-landscaping the area in front of the refurbished Cascade Hall (J-Building).  The designs, as Deputy Director of the OSH Hospital Replacement Project [...]

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