07 July 30, 2012

Cataloging Update

2018-03-02T20:57:28-08:0007, 30, 12|Inventory, Museum|0 Comments

The Oregon State Hospital Museum received a matching grant from the Oregon Heritage Commission for materials to aid in cataloging and rehousing artifacts at the Oregon State Hospital.  We turned in our interim grant report [...]

01 January 6, 2010

Bits and Pieces

2018-03-02T20:58:30-08:0001, 06, 10|Artifacts, Inventory|1 Comment

These miscellaneous parts were found during the inventory process.  While they may look like junk (and many of them may turn out to be just that), the innocuous looking metal piece T2009.002.053 proved to be much [...]

12 December 28, 2009

MHP Mystery

2018-03-02T20:58:31-08:0012, 28, 09|Artifacts, Inventory|6 Comments

Several items inventoried have tags on them, like those in the picture above,  that read "MHP Collection."  Does anyone know anything about these tags or what "MHP" stands for?  Three items have been [...]

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