Mental Health Careers

Oregon State Museum of Mental Health

The Oregon State Hospital has had a long history as a training institution, providing future healthcare workers the skills they need to help patients on their journey to recovery.

These professions work as a part of an interdisciplinary treatment team with the patient at the center of care. This team values the varied perspectives and approaches to treatment that each discipline can provide, and works with the patient to develop a Treatment Care Plan that will help them leave the Hospital and return to the community.

The Oregon State Hospital uses the concept of a Treatment Mall, a space where various treatment services and recreational activities are provided. [Just like a shopping mall, the treatment malls at OSH provide spaces for a variety of services that allows patients to address common treatment goals with other patients that offers “opportunities for healthy socialization and an approximation of the separation between living and working/learning that is found in the community.”]

The videos here represent a portion of the professions that make up an interdisciplinary team here at the Oregon State Hospital. Click on each profession to learn more about their role at the Oregon State Hospital.

Available Videos on Careers in Mental Healthcare