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Welcome to the educational resource page for mental health careers. As you plan for a career it is important to do more than an internet search for information. Every person that elects to become a healthcare provider needs to have hands on experiences prior to entering the educational track and especially before becoming a professional.

To gain career exposure get involved in service learning and volunteer opportunities that require that you work directly with people of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances. Another rewarding option is to become an entry level healthcare worker, human services or administrative support worker. All of these positions give you an excellent opportunity to develop your interpersonal communication skills, empathy and dedication to serving others. While in high school visit your career center and arrange for job shadows in fields that have peeked your interest and while in college be sure to complete multiple internships. All of the suggestions above also provide you with an opportunity to network and build professional relationships with healthcare professionals that will be valuable as you move forward with your education.

Each of the links below will take you to the professional association or other excellent source each profession. For information on Oregon colleges that offer healthcare careers visit​ select Educational Resources and then Career Exploration.

Art Therapist:

Drug and Alcohol Specialist:

Mental Health Nursing:

Mental Health Therapist:

Mental Health Therapist:
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Music Therapist:

Occupational Therapist:

Peer Recovery Specialist:


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