11 November 1, 2016

New Speaker Series at the Museum

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Beginning on Sunday, November 13, the Museum will start hosting a monthly Speaker Series to highlight topics ranging from the Hospital's history to emerging mental health research. These offerings will be a the Museum from [...]

12 December 13, 2013

Cupid Repaired, 1963

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Fifty years ago today, this news story appeared in the Oregon Statesman newspaper: After being knocked over twice by vandals, this statue-fountain of cupid was replaced on the Oregon State Hospital grounds Thursday by [...]

07 July 30, 2013

Clothing Allowance Policy, 1970

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The following is a transcription of the Oregon State Hospital Clothing Allowance Policy as updated Feburary 1, 1970. OREGON STATE HOSPITAL CLOTHING ALLOWANCE POLICY February 1, 1970 Three to six complete sets of washable clothing.  [...]

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