This bottle of DeWitt’s Fragrant Hair Dressing was found in a box of old medicine bottles from the Eastern Oregon State Hospital.

E.C. DeWitt & Company was in operation as early as 1906.  Trademark records show that a logo similar to that of the one on this bottle was registered in 1908.  The registration claims that the first use of this image was in June of 1906.

[1]  The publication of the National Association of Retail Druggists include advertisements for the E.C. Dewitt & Company the 1913 issue.[2]  They appear to be directly distributing patent medicines like:

  • Little Early Risers
  • Witch Hazel Salve
  • One Minute Cough Cure
  • Kennedy’s Laxative Honey and Tar
  • Kodel Dyspepsia Cure

to retailers across the country.[3]

And while we were somewhat tempted, we didn’t open it to see just how fragrant it was.

Trademark registered 1908.

[1] Trademark of sun with rays over mountains. Filed 1908-01-02; first use 1906-06-15 by E.C. Dewitt & Company No. 203-204 La Salle Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.

[2] NARD notes, Volume 16 and by National Association of Retail Druggists.