As the Museum continues to digitize our archival collection, we have had a chance to read more of patient produced content from our collection.

The following is an article from the November 1951 issue of The Lamplighter, a monthly magazine published by the patients of the Oregon State Hospital. The Lamplighter would frequently cover events that took place at Hospital including a variety of dances and holiday parties. The article reads:

On October 26th a costume ball was given for the patients. 

The Auditorium was lighted by 16 jack-o-lanterns. In the center of the floor was a wishing well and two large shocks of corn surrounded by pumpkins. On the walls were pictures of bats, witches, pumpkins and other appropriate designs. Orange and black streamers hung from the balcony to the floor, added to the festive appearance. In one corner of the room was “Gypsy Jean” telling exciting fortunes. In the other corner was apple bobbing and pumpkin throw. The Halloween costumes were really something to behold. The four best costumes were a devil’s costume worn by Ruth, a clown costume worn by Mike and two lovely dresses of orange and black crepe paper made and worn by two girls from K.