Information on Fairview Training Center, also known as the Oregon State Institution for the Feeble Minded, in Salem, Oregon.

04 April 25, 2014

Barney the Bearcat and Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Circa 1985

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Willamette University's Barney the Bearcat visits Fairview, October 1985. I must share with you two of my favorite pictures. The first, on the left side of the page, is Willamette University's original mascot, [...]

04 April 15, 2014

Fariview Presentation To Be Given April 16th, 2014

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At  3:10 p.m. on April 16th, 2014, a presentation will be given on the Fairview Training Center at Willamette University. This presentation will be held in the Eaton academic building in Room 307 as a [...]

12 December 29, 2013

“Fairview Training Center” Pamphlet: “Commitment and Admission”, circa 1966

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Ever wonder how an individual was admitted to Fairview? Below is directly quoted from an informational pamphlet that appears to have been given to those considering placing their loved ones in Fairview, circa 1966. This [...]

12 December 2, 2013

“Camermen Invade to Present Fairview on Television”, The Fair View vol. III, No. 7. October 1958

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"Camermen Invade to Present Fairview on Television" The Fair View. Volume III, No. 7. October, 1958 Last Spring, when I was conducting my inaugural research on Fairview, I stumbled across this video called [...]

11 November 21, 2013

Letter to Jerry Brown, Department of Human Resources from Jerry McGee, Fairview Superintendent, Concerning Project Possible. 10/23/1981

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My recent archival adventures have consisted of exploring the Project Possible building (or what the friendly state archivist and I call "Box 15" as I have been working at it for about 2 weeks now). [...]

11 November 8, 2013

“Fairview Training Center Resource Manual: Trends and Philosophies” circa 1992

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"FTC Resource Manual: Trends and Philosophy" Cover Page. Courtesy of the Oregon State Archives. Here we have another exciting document I found while digging through the Oregon State Archive's collection Fairview's Histories and [...]

11 November 1, 2013

“The Haunting of Fairview!!!”- The Pipeline 10/31/1994

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A special article written for The Pipeline in honor of Halloween. This was published October 31, 1994. Document courtesy of the Oregon State Archives In light of the festivities that took place last [...]

10 October 22, 2013

Monthly Superintendent Reports from the Oregon Fairview Home (FTC)

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Starting February 9, 1960, it became required for the superintendent of the Oregon Fairview Home (the name of Fairview at the time) to publish monthly reports to the Oregon government. At the time, these reports [...]

10 October 14, 2013

Fairview Produces Own History, circa 1990’s

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Cover page. "Fairview Training Center: History in the Making". Rev 7/93. After my most recent visit to the Oregon State Archives, I finally stumbled across something I have been desperately searching for since [...]

10 October 2, 2013

Returning to Fairview: My Hopes for this Fall

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Welcome! I am thrilled to be interning with the Oregon State Hospital Museum in preparation for a new exhibit surrounding the Fairview Training Center, an institution for the mentally disabled which was open from 1907- [...]