Ever wonder how an individual was admitted to Fairview? Below is directly quoted from an informational pamphlet that appears to have been given to those considering placing their loved ones in Fairview, circa 1966. This admission process was given legal validity by ORS 427.040- ORS 427.070.

Click here to view ORS (Oregon Revised Statute) Chapter 427, 1953 edition.

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    “Eligibility: An mentally retarded person, regardless o age, who has established residency in Oregon (at least one year of continuous residence immediately preceding time of application).

     How to Apply: Parents or legal guardians of the retarded person may file either a voluntary application (applicable if the retarded person is under age 21), or an application for court commitment (applicable to retarded person of any age).

     Voluntary application forms may be secured from the Mental Health Division of the State Board of Control, or from Fairview. The completed application should be submitted to the Mental Health Division, which will then forward it to Fairview Outpatient Department or to local facility (approved by the Mental Health Division) for a preadmisison examination. Findings and recommendations on the applicant will be returned to the mental Health Division for approval or rejection.

    Application for court commitment is arranged through the County Clerk. Following this application, a court having probate jurisdiction will conduct a hearing and order a precommitment examination to be conducted at Fairview Outpatient Department, or at a local facility approved by the Mental Health Division. The examination findings and recommendations will be reported back to the court. I the person is found to be mental retarded, and institutional admission is recommended, the court will order a commitment to the Mental Health Division.

    Admission to Fairview is granted when a suitable vacancy occurs, in order of receipt o the commitment or approved application, unless otherwise ordered, because of emergency by the Administrator of the mental Health Division. If an individual has been court committed, the state assumes protection of the person unless he leaves the institution, or until such individual is legally discharged as an unfit subject for the institutionalization. If a resident under voluntary admission leaves Fairview, he becomes the sole responsibility of his parent or guardian. A court committed resident who has not been legally discharged can be readmitted without further court action when space is available. A voluntarily admitted resident who has been discharged will require a new application to be readmitted. 

    Children under 5 years of age will be admitted to the institution only if a policy exception is warranted due to existence of certain medical anomalies which are associated with profound and severe mental retardation. Determination of an exception ultimately rests with the Administrator of the Mental Health Division.. A voluntary admission is automatically terminated when the patient reaches the age of majority (21 years) and must therefore either leave the institution or be court committed. “