My recent archival adventures have consisted of exploring the Project Possible building (or what the friendly state archivist and I call “Box 15” as I have been working at it for about 2 weeks now). The Project Possible building was a collaborative effort of parents, staff and community members to build a place where families can enjoy time with their loved ones who were residents of Fairview. While I have not found much concerning the building after it was established, I have found an enormous amount of documentation that proves just how important this building was to everyone. Due to lack of approved funding by the state, the establishment of this building relied solely on donations and fundraising projects, in which both Superintendent Jerry McGee and the Project Possible Steering Committee worked relentlessly towards.

Letter to Jerry Brown from Superintendent Jerry McGee concerning funding for Project Possible. Dated 10/23/1981. Document Courtesy of the Oregon State Archives.

Here we have an excellent example of how to properly fund raise (take notes!). In the beginning, when the plan for Project Possible was first announced publicly,  Superintendent Jerry McGee took it upon himself to use the advantage of his position as superintendent to find powerful people to back this campaign. I love this letter, as it challenges Jerry Brown to donate to Project Possible in both a humorous and inventive way. If only I could have heard their previous conversation at the Capitol! My guess is that it would have been just as witty and funny as this letter.

Side Note: The “E-Board” is the Emergency Board through the Oregon State Legislature, that met once a month to discuss and decide on things that could not wait until an open legislature.¬†

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