A special article written for The Pipeline in honor of Halloween. This was published October 31, 1994. Document courtesy of the Oregon State Archives

In light of the festivities that took place last night, I have found a wonderful story that was published by Fairview via The Pipeline’s ¬†October 31st, 1994 issue. The Pipeline was a two-paged, bi- weekly newsletter that circulated Fairview from 1985 until Fairview’s closing in 1999/ 2000.

I was excited to find this story, as not only did it tell me that Fairview took part in celebrating Halloween, but that it must have been widely celebrated if a staff member took the time to write this story. What I love most about this story is that it is personable for the residents of Fairview. Each location that is talked about is somewhere these residents can picture or relate back to. The story then concludes with things to remember on Halloween Night. I feel as if this was a great way to remind residents of the safety policies during Halloween.

Do you like this story? What do you find most intriguing?