RIP June 16th, 2016

Many staff and patients have come to know and love Jemma, and animal therapy dog who provided countless hours of devoted service to our patients over the last five years. Jemma happily provided love to our patients and staff, starting in 2010 with visit to the units, and, later co-leading “Jemma Management” groups on several treatment malls. Jemma loved to go on car rides, to swim in the river, and always appreciated being offered doggie treats. She was an accomplished jumper and squirrel chaser.

I am sorry to inform you that Jemma passed away last week. Her family gathered to comfort her and to say farewell on June 16th. The blessing of her joyful and giving spirit lives on for those who knew her.

Memorial Boards will be made available soon in each treatment mall, to allow staff and patients the opportunity to honor her memory with expressions of appreciation for such outstanding service to the OSH community.

Thank you,
Greg Roberts

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