The Oregon State Hospital Museum of Mental Health houses a large collection of materials related to the operation of several state-run hospitals and the people who lived and worked within their walls.  Browse highlights from the collections here.

12 December 28, 2009

MHP Mystery

2018-03-02T20:58:31-08:0012, 28, 09|Artifacts, Inventory|6 Comments

Several items inventoried have tags on them, like those in the picture above,  that read "MHP Collection."  Does anyone know anything about these tags or what "MHP" stands for?  Three items have been [...]

12 December 16, 2009

Cork Sizer

2018-03-02T20:58:31-08:0012, 16, 09|Artifacts|Comments Off on Cork Sizer

[youtube=] This Cork Sizer was made by the Enterprise Manufacturing Company of Philadelphia, PA.  An impression on the object lists the patent date of the piece as August 7, 1867, although the US Patent database [...]

12 December 9, 2009

1000 Items Inventoried!

2018-03-02T20:58:31-08:0012, 09, 09|Artifacts|Comments Off on 1000 Items Inventoried!

As part of the preparations for a new museum at the Oregon State Hospital Campus in Salem, an inventory of historic property has been underway since August.  Last week the number of total [...]

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