The following description of the Comm Center and its duties was published in a 1963 open house brochure at the Oregon State Hospital.  In 1963, the Comm Center was located in the Kirkbride building just to the southeast of the building’s main entrance.  Later it moved to the 35 building (Breitenbush Hall)  on the north side of Center Street.  The new Comm Center is located in the new hospital entrance, just to the southeast of the Kirkbride building as seen in photo  below.

The new Comm Center constructed as part of the Oregon State Hospital Replacement Project. Photo HOK Design Firm.

 The Communications Center at Oregon State Hospital could also be known as the “nerve center” as much because of its activities as its location.

Visitors to the hospital naturally gravitate to the Center Building because of its imposing architecture and there, just inside the front door, personnel of the Communication Center are ready to give directions or general hospital information, to handle merchandise for Volunteer Services, to locate staff members for visitors, and to assist patients who might encounter difficulties while away from their wards.

The hospital switchboard service is located in the Communications Center and here all hospital mail is distributed.

The staff here also arranges the dispatching of hospital cars and ambulances to transport patients to and from the hospital.

Communications Center personnel assume the responsibility for a myriad of other small services not provided by other disciplines.  They handle calls from the community regarding patients outside the hospital, transfer blood from lab to local hospitals, safeguard monies, valuables and patients’ funds when the business office is closed, maintain key board for various hospital areas, assist in apprehension of escaped patients, meet planes and trains to pick up patients and personnel, assist ill employees living at Griffith Hall, and in fact, manage to function in almost any area not covered by other hospital services.

Day Supervisors- Nadine Farghar, Charlie Robinson, Christine Flatwood.

Swing Supervisors- Mrs. M.A. Brown, Fred Hill

Telephone Operator- Ruby Nofter