The holidays are a time of joy and sadness for many people. It is the busy season for mental health professionals. Cultural expectations, family dynamics, addictions, weather’s impact on mood, and grief and loss are some of the issues that can be challenging. For this month’s speaker series, the Museum invited mental health councilor and art therapist Jennifer Harkness from Seattle, WA to discuss these issues. In case you missed the talk, here are some tips Jennifer shared to mindfully navigate the holidays.

While the holiday season can be joyous and abundant with excitement and love, it also can be a time of great grief, stress and sadness. What we do not have is hi-lighted in contrast to what we wish we had. Expectations are heightened as we look for how things “should be” versus how they are. Holiday concerts, parties, shopping, food and general merriment may be fun but lead to packed schedules and little time for much needed silence and reflection. Whether you love the holidays or struggle with them there are some strategies you can use to make the most of what you have.

To learn more about these strategies, click on the link to read Harkness’ newsletter: